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A restaurant with 50 places, classical cuisine, beer from our mini-brewery, grill terrace and summer garden...

Our hotel offer specialities of all continents, but we don't forget the tradition of Czech cuisine. Our cooks are real masters of their branch.





We always look that the guests get in our restaurant an excellent gastronomical experience.



 We are inviting you to visit our restaurant, where you can enjoy both the czech and international cuisine alike!


We can offer you a beer that we made in our own brewery. But also lemonades, coffee or selection of good wines!


 Non-smoking restaurant is ideal place where to take your family for a meal!


Are you planning a wedding? Birthday party? We will prepare the restaurant to meat your wishes and make it a perfect place for your celebration!





Vajgar 12% light lager   Salamon 11% half-dark lager
Světlý ležák Vajgar 12%            Polotmavý ležák Salamon 11%


We are currently offering these kinds of beer:



11% half-dark lager



Classic, bottom fermented lager of half-dark colour, made of four malt. Nice caramel-like taste and rich dense foam create unforgivable experience.

(Ondřej Salamon was an owner of local inn in years 1583 - 1607) 




12% light lager



Classic, bottom fermented light lager of pilzen type, made of three malt. Fermentation and ripening makes the bitter taste associated with pilzen lagers 

(name was chosen by the survey and it is the same name as name of local pond. )





13% - IPA



English top fermented beer with fruit taste. Mix of fine resources creates a beer with higher amount of alcohol that comes along with pleasant bitter taste.

(Jan Heniker was an owner of local inn,who was granted rights to brew beer in year 1700, despite that he never used that right.)